Wow! Has it been almost a week since we last posted?  We apologize and strive to make it up by posting a Bailey Jay picture gallery with this post.

I finally figured out how to post this and not make it looks stupid. This is one that Jess picked out and liked a lot.  So much so, I caught her fingering herself to it when she was looking through images for this post. That’s usually a good sign she’s getting into her work.  LOL!

I was surprised a little that she picked this set out. It’s somewhat……I don’t want to say dirty, but Bailey spreads her ass which up until recently Jess was not so sure about.  She LOVES her cock and tits though and drools over every cumshot. She wants to swallow Bailey cum soooooo bad she told me.

I’m going to get her to post and fill you in on what got her going with this.  I mean, she was masturbating to it, so something worked.  I don’t want to speak for her though.

Anyway, here is Bailey Jay in all her naked glory once again.

Enjoy……..we did 🙂

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